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Blockchain is a point-to-point distributed ledger technology: which creates a revolutionary decentralized value network. It is the first time for human beings to realize economic transactions in an anonymous and non trust network environment.
We are optimistic about the new application paradigms of defi: NFT and Dao based on blockchain for a long time: and have made sufficient preparations for this.
We focus on the field of non homogeneity token (NFT) and strive to make NFT a digital asset that everyone can interact with.
「 NFT brings challenges to heterogeneous digital assets 」

· Global Authentic Right with Cryptography

· Authenticity Guarantee

· Tamper Proof & Hard to Lose

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· Splitable Ownership

· Splitable Right to use

· Splitable Income Right

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· High Fluiidity & Traceable

· Atomic Delivery

· Cross-scenario Reuse & Transferring

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